The Right Way to Launch a Music Focused Facebook Group: An Interview with Golf Clap & the Country Club Disco Community

Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal of Golf Clap

Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal of Golf Clap

We started writing our second installment of The Future Tools of Social Media: Why Facebook Groups Are the Future of the Newsfeed last month. While we were doing our research, we watched Golf Clap launch their Country Club Disco Community. In just six weeks, they’ve grown the group to over 8,000 members who are very active and engaged. They’ve built out the group with learning modules, mentorship and more. They have created value for their community which all ultimately keeps everyone in the Golf Clap digital ecosystem. We reached out to Bryan Jones from Golf Clap with some questions about how they got started and where they see this going. Here’s what he had to say…

Where does this Facebook group fit in your existing marketing strategy now? How about for the future?

It's still really early, we've just started the group a little over 30 days ago. However, it's already become the center of all our marketing for Country Club Disco & Golf Clap. Even when we make a post on our other pages, if we post it in the group, the engagement is way higher. We are trying to grow the group and keep it stocked with valuable information and resources so people continue to stay active in it. 

Your Facebook group seems well structured and thought out. How much planning went into the launch of the group?

Basically zero planning went into it to start. We didn't even really understand the functions of the group. Each time we logged in, Facebook prompted us to set something else up that we didn't know existed in the groups. (ie: mentorship, units, etc). After it started rolling, we reached out to a few other people who were involved and had them help us moderate it. We also have a group Facebook chat with the moderators that we discuss new features and come up with things that we can research to add to the group. 

On average, how much time are you devoting to the group on a weekly basis?

Quite a lot right now actually. With marketing and social media, you kinda try a bunch of things and see which ones give you the best results. Once we started this and saw what a massive boost in engagement we were getting, we quickly focused more resources towards growing it. Every day since we've started it, we've been thinking of new ways to make it more valuable to the users. Have also reached out to other brands to get them involved. We reached out to one of our favorite people who makes studio tutorials and had him give us a discount code for the group. We are also working on setting up live chats with a few companies who can come and chat with potential customers and explain their products and how they can help. 

What value are you looking to provide community members? 

We are trying to build a community where anybody in our scene can meet like-minded people and network. We want to provide resources to help producers finish their tracks, help DJs get more bookings, help promoters sell more tickets to their shows, help people find photographers in their area, etc. Also, we aim to provide a judgment-free zone to ask questions about music industry related issues that previously were hard to have answered. We want people to join the group and meet other people that can help them grow personally and professionally. 

Explain Group Units: How do they work for you all and what is the benefit?

This was one of the features we didn't even know existed until we started this. It's similar to a message board. It allows us to save certain posts and put them in sections called units and order them. Right now we have some units for Music Business, Music Production, City Check-In (where you can find people in your city), a place for user music (group members' songs, mixes, & playlists), and a couple for our tour and label. It also stops people from posting the same things over and over all the time. Just imagine if you could take all the useful things you've seen on Facebook, and order them in a section for people to find. We are adding more and more to it and trying to one by one tackle anything people have questions about. 

What kind of engagement are you seeing in the group versus other social channels? Would you consider the interactions more meaningful than other platforms? 

The engagement is much better than our other platforms currently. There is also added value to being the one who set up the group. People that didn't know much about us before now want to like us and support us because they found the group helpful. We are using it as our central hub for everything at the moment. It's replaced Instagram stories as our most engaged platform. 

How has the group evolved your relationship with your core audience?

Bryan: You only get out what you put in with the group just like anything else. A lot of people set up groups and just expect people to talk about how great they are in it the whole time. If you're not actively providing useful content to the members, they aren't going to are about the group. Sometimes we'll ask the group members to buy our song, or follow our page, or do something else for us and they usually do it. The only reason though, is because we are providing other useful resources for them. For example, it came to our attention that not many of the members had an email list. We made a post asking for everyone who was a DJ, music reviewer, blogger, radio show etc to leave their email. We collected close to 400 emails so far and entered them all in a google doc and sent the .csv to all the members with instructions on how to set up their first mailing list with When people see you make a big effort with something that takes hours to help the community, they are much more likely to do you a favor when you need it. Just have to keep that balance and make sure you're always giving more than you're asking for. 

Do you intend on monetizing the group should Facebook offer group subscription in the future?

Bryan: Never thought about monetizing it. Right now we wouldn't want to do anything to discourage people from engaging and coming back. The more people we get active in this group, the more people that see the name of our label every single day. It's a way of turning our label into a household name within our scene. 

If you had to guess, what is the current split of your super fans to new fans in the group?

Bryan: We are inviting a lot of people lately so it's hard to gauge that. However, most of our "super fans" are in the group and actively engaging. 

Is there anything else you'd like to make note of about the group? 

Bryan: We've always been people who introduce our friends to other friends. Whenever we go out of town, we introduce our friends that live near each other even. We realized that we have become a hub for people to meet each other. This is the next logical progression in that. If you don't know anybody or anything, and want to be in the house scene, you can come here and get a huge head start. We appreciate everyone who is contributing and helping out the other members.