Maximizing Market Penetration Through Nontraditional Advertising Channels

Stand out from the rest and find an untapped market: the porn industry

Being an aspiring musician is difficult. You have a million things to do, from writing songs to spending time in the studio to working side jobs while you pursue your musical career. But one of the most important things you have to do is market yourself to music labels and fans—and most likely on a tight budget

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The Future Tools of Social Media: Why Messaging Apps Are the Future of the Artist-to-Fan Connection

As page reach on Facebook and Instagram continues to decrease while the price of advertising rises, maintaining a strong artist-to-fan connection has become a frustrating and expensive process for musicians.

At Prescient Digital, we believe the answer to this issue lies with messaging apps.

In this piece, we explain why private messaging apps are poised to take over traditional social media and how this will shape the future of the artist-fan relationship. We will also discuss the following:

  • Why social media giants are investing millions in messaging apps as the “future of the internet”.

  • FB Messenger vs. WhatsApp: which one is right for your brand?

  • The key advantage: how messaging will help utilize your super fans.

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